Ordering & Payment

Ordering Options

Online Shop Orders: This is the fastest & easiest option available & offers a variety of payment & shipping options – if you are ordering from Australia and you don’t wish to put your credit card details through, you can still use this method and just select to send a cheque or money order. Website ordering is our preferred option as it reduces the possibility of errors with ordering.

Telephone Orders: You may phone your order directly through to us on (03) 5797 2922, but make sure that you note down full details of the items you are ordering including the product codes. If the office is unattended when you call please leave a message & we will get back to you. 

Order Confirmation: Within a few minutes of confirming your order via our online shop you will receive any email from Blackberry Lane confirming receipt of your order. If you have chosen  Cheque/Money Order options you will receive instructions regarding payment in this email. If you chose the Credit Card Paypal option you will receive the confirmation & no further input is required on your part.

Payment Information

Your order will not ship until payment is received.

Payments via Paypal: Paypal is a safe, reliable & instant system of payment with no additional charges to you.  Paypal offers several methods of payment – from your existing Paypal balance, from a credit card you have registered with them, e-cheque, or direct debit from a bank account. This is available to Australian Customers and also International customers – no currency conversion fees apply as payment is made in Australian dollars.

Cheques and Money Orders: Australian customers may elect to send a cheque or money order, following the instructions given in their confirmation email. We will hold your order until the cheque or money order arrives.